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My daughter has been with Excel for the last 3 years and has loved every minute. I have watched a shy child grow into a confident individual with a love of dance and drama. She looks forward to going to her classes each week and can’t wait for the annual show to come round.

She does tap, ballet, jazz, modern and drama and would love to do more – but there just isn’t enough days in the week! She has made so many friends. I help out back stage during the shows and love being part of the excitement helping in a very professional organisation.

I can’t recommend enough for anyone whose child wants to dance, immerse themselves in drama, raise their confidence or just being part of the Excel family – they will have an amazing time!

Mo Narramore – Parent



Both my daughters (6 and 12) attend many classes with Excel Performing Arts and it is a fantastic dance school run by Sam and Steven, two professional dancers. They are always very welcoming , patient, kind, calm and caring , and my children feel safe and secure with clear boundaries. Sam and Steven have high standards and expectations but most of all the kids have lots of fun with a fantastic focus too.

I have never once heard my girls not want to go to a class. My eldest daughter has been given so much confidence, transformed from shy to singing in front of hundreds, with no nerves , just excitement and a wish to do it again.

The yearly shows are fantastic. Sam and Steven’s tremendous enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism shines through all the kids. I love the shows as much as the kids as I also help backstage. The worse bit is when it ends. But the buzz does take a few days to disappear!!!

Every year it amazes me how two people manage to transform so many kids into such confident little performers who are so proud of what they have achieved. Being part of that backstage feeling is also an exhilarating experience.

I would strongly recommend this dance school as there is no doubt that the children definitely “Excel ” in ability and confidence , gain loads of friends , keep fit, at the same time as having lots of fun and being taught by 2 amazing teachers .

They will also be part of something really really special.

Mandy Green – Parent



I have two children who have been with Excel for almost 6 years. During that time, I have watched them grow in confidence, particularly my son, who was quite shy when he started at age 8. Now aged 14, he loves performing in the drama class and this has resulted in him putting himself forward for things in secondary school that we never thought he would. My daughter who is aged 11 attends ballet, tap, drama and the performance class and would happily be taught by Sam and Steven every day if she could. They bring out the best in all the children and being backstage at the annual show, which is organised down to the very last detail, is just the best feeling in the world; not just for the children! I would highly recommend Excel Performing Arts, not just for the drama and dancing, but for the preparation for confidence in their future lives.

Katie Bruce-Green – Parent



If you have a boy interested in dance, singing or drama then this is the place for you. There are lots of boys, but also it really helps that one of the teachers is male, as it gives them someone to look up to.

It started with a little street dance class for my son. Now he does street, tap, singing & drama, ballet and performance (an extra class for those more interested). Now my daughter goes to ballet, tap and street as well!

They do a great show every year, which is hard work but an amazing experience for the kids. You see all the kids grow in poise and confidence as the years go by.
What I like the most is that they don’t ‘filter’ out the kids who are there for fun, but not necessarily naturally talented. But if you think your child might be interested in a career in the performing arts, then they will get a great education with Excel.

Most of all my kids love it.

Lisa Pearson – Parent



If anyone is in two minds as to which dance classes to choose out of the numerous companies out there, I can categorically state that Excel are a fantastic choice. A wide range of age appropriate classes, covering all abilities, for a reasonable price. As a dancer for 16 years, I only wish that something like Excel had been available when I was a child. The annual show at The Sandpit Theatre is a testament to the talent and professionalism of the teachers and the clear dedication of the students. My daughter loves every second of her three classes; believe me when I say, she’d happily do a fourth class, if only we could fit it into the week! Thoroughly recommend.

Amber Marie Hill – Parent



My daughter has attended Excel Performing Arts since she was small and started off doing ballet which I would strongly recommend. She enjoyed it so much she then went on to do jazz, tap and drama and singing. She is now 12 and a very confident dancer and performer. The classes are taught by professionally qualified dance teachers who have first hand experience of the entertainment industry appearing on Television and in West End shows. All Classes are fun, stimulating and technically challenging working towards recognised qualifications and an exciting show every year which is a fantastic finale and tribute to all the children’s, parents and teachers hard work and commitment. I highly recommend Excel Performing Arts.

Donna Lambe – Parent



My daughter has been with Excel Performing Arts since it first started. She has progressed in tap, jazz, ballet and drama with them. Sam and Steven are wonderful teachers who have given my daughter some fantastic opportunities. They teach to a high standard, but make it fun and challenging, so the children work hard for them, but they get a real sense of achievement. My daughter is also in the performance group which is an additional class, she loves this as the groups perform at events around the county. Every year there is a show which is amazing and all the children can take part. I’ve helped back stage every year and am amazed by the professionalism of even the youngest children and the confidence they get from taking part. I would definitely recommend Excel Performing Arts to anyone considering a dance school for their child/ren.

Hazel McLaughlin – Parent