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Excel Performing Arts makes provisions for children and young people to ensure that the welfare of them is paramount.

We recognise the duty of care to all pupils involved in dance and drama to ensure they are free from harm.

All children have a right to protection and the needs of disabled children and others who may be particularly vulnerable must be taken in to account. We will ensure the safety and protection of all the children involved in dance and drama through adherence to the child protection guidelines.


Policy Aims

The aim of Excel Performing Arts child protection policy is to promote good practise by providing children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in our care. We will promote good practise by:

  1. Always working in an open environment.
  2. Treating all young people/disabled, adults equally with respect and dignity.
  3. Always putting the welfare of each young person first.
  4. Building balanced relationships based on mutual trust to build confidence in children.
  5. Keeping up to date with technical skills, qualifications and insurance in dance.
  6. Making dance and drama fun, enjoyable and promoting fair play.
  7. Involving parents/carers wherever possible. If groups have to be supervised in changing rooms, always ensure the parents/teachers /principals work in pairs.
  8. Being an excellent role model, including not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of young people.
  9. Giving enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism.
  10. Recognising the development needs and capacity of young people, avoiding excessive training or competition and not pushing them against their will.
  11. Securing parental consent in writing to “acting loco parentis”. If the need arises to give permission for the administration of emergency first aid and/or medical treatment.
  12. Keeping a written record of injury that occurs along with details of any treatment given.


Every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned.
Information will be handled and disseminated on a need to know basis only. Excel Performing Arts will not allow children to be photographed or videoed without their or their parents consent.


The following is designed to help a victim and prevent bullying in our school;

  1. Take all signs of bullying very seriously.
  2. Encourage all children to speak and share their concerns.
  3. Help the victim to speak out and tell the person in charge or someone in authority, creating an open environment.
  4. Investigate all allegations and take actions to ensure the victim is safe. Speak with the victim and the bully(ies) separately.
  5. Reassure the victim that we can be trusted and will help them, although we cannot promise to tell no one else.


All teachers in the school to be fully qualified, of good character, and free from criminal convictions.